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National Autism Awareness Month

As National Autism Awareness month is recognized in the month of April, we take a look at one of the interesting aspects of treating symptoms in autistic children and adults: fidgeting. While there is no cure for autism, there are ways to alleviate some of the symptoms – in particular, sensory issues. People with autism […]

Nail Biters Rejoice–and Fidget!!

For those of us who bite our nails (or cuticles), the behavior is completely ingrained. We do it without even thinking because we’re nervous, anxious, or just have this specific tick. Nail biting can be embarrassing. For starters, it’s pretty disgusting to have your hands in your mouth on a near-constant basis. (Not to mention […]

How to Choose the Best Fidget Toys for your ADHD Child

Fidget toys that are most effective have certain properties because their underlying premise is stimulation and engagement. So how do you choose the best fidget toys for your ADHD child? Fidget toys work best if they: have interesting tactile composition such as squeezable or spiky massagers have heaviness or pliability provide the hands with movement opportunities […]