Classroom Created Fidgets

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These limited edition fidgets are totally silent and perfect for school, but what makes them unique is that they were designed and named by 3rd Graders in Mercer Island, WA.  10% of the sale from these fidgets will be donated back to the Mercer Island School District.

The 'FRIGID FIDGET' was created by the awesome 3rd grade students at Island Park Elementary School.  One side has a large orange band and three small bands; pink, aqua and red.  The other side has a large black band and three small bands; aqua, white and blue.  This wildly colorful, awesome fidget is only available for a limited time, so get it while you can!  Side note: It was almost named 'Dinky Dinky', lol

The 'IFO' (IDENTIFIED FIDGET OBJECT) was created by the coolest class on the south end of MI, that's right, it's Class 24 at Lakeridge Elementary School!  One side is neon green and has a black aqua black pattern, while the other side is navy with a pink yellow and red pattern.  The IFO is colorful, bright and was a blast to make, it’s out this world!  This fidget won't last long!

Both fidgets are made with split rings (similar to a key ring) and are great for classrooms because they are quiet and discreet – they fit right in your pocket or on one of our Fidget Keepers!

Lastly, a huge special shout out to the Mercer Island School District and all of its amazing students for being so gracious and welcoming Fidgetland to your classrooms!!!!

Fidget Now, Fidget Forever!