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The Mar - short for Marlene is named for my mom, the greatest mom in the world!  To honor her on Mother's Day, I’ve created 4 limited edition Mars (purple, green, aqua and pink) that will be available until May 13th, each fidget comes with a free fidget keeper!  Give your mom the gift of a stress free Mother's Day.  

Mom - for all the stress & anxiety that I've caused throughout the years, I wanted to take a minute to give you a shout out because the world deserves to know how great you are!  There is no sweeter, kind hearted, supportive, encouraging, loving and beautiful mom in the world. I wouldn’t be the man, dad, husband and of course son that I am without your unconditional love and support.  I’m so proud to be your son and call you my mom!  
I love you! Happy Mother's Day! 
Love, Jase
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Medium – Designed for kids, teens/and or adults with smaller hands.
WHERE to use it:
Classrooms, offices, amusement parks, traveling, parenting, waiting in line for carpool, stuck in traffic, dentist’s office, hospital waiting room.
WHO uses it:
The MAR is our BEST OF fidget, its great for pickers and ADDer’s. It offers the quick roll of the Rizzle and treadmill glide from the Noah. Great for helping break habits.
No wait unless noted in dropdown menu when selecting color

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